Client-supplied ingredients for a successful creative project

Starting a project is exciting! You’ve got your ideas together, have a rough idea of what you want and can’t wait to get stuck in. Or perhaps you’ve been stalling for a while and are finally ready to pick up the phone and make this happen. We’re happy to hear it and we want to […]

The importance of a quality first impression (good vs. bad business cards)

business cards

Despite most connections being formed digitally these days, business cards still have a place in the world. Whether it be after an initial meeting, networking or by-chance meetings, they allow you to leave a potential new contact with your details, as well as a physical connection, reminding them of who you are and what you […]

7 Reasons your business needs branding

Back in the day, branding meant a clever name, memorable logo and punchy colour palette. Throw in some pretty fonts… sweet, we’re good to go.  Today, brands are much more than this. Branding is the whole entire experience you give your customer. And it includes absolutely everything. How they feel when they flick through your […]