The Importance of Having a Current Backup of Your WordPress Website

In today’s world, a website isn’t just a mere online presence. It represents a company’s face, its business, and its very identity. If you’re using WordPress to manage your site, you’re already enjoying its numerous benefits. However, with all its advantages, there’s a crucial aspect of WordPress management that some users tend to overlook: the […]

How to create a sustainable brand

A recent study revealed that globally, sustainability is rated as an important purchase crirterion for 60% of consumers. People are becoming increasingly aware of the need to shop ethically, and 87% of the time will actively choose a sustainable brand over the alternative if given the option.  With the number of conscious consumers rising, and […]

Considering the user experience

We’ve all been there. Maybe the page took a few too many seconds to load, or you were confronted with lots of unnecessary flashy effects when you simply wanted to order a t-shirt. Negative user experiences are easy to pinpoint with a bright red pen.  So… how do we give our clients a smooth and […]

When is it time for a brand refresh?

Change is necessary for every business to survive and as your business grows and evolves it can sometimes mean making important decisions about your company’s branding.  Is it time for a Refresh? Or do I need a Rebrand? A refresh retains the core identity of your brand. It’s sprucing up what you already have, coating […]