When is it time for a brand refresh?

Change is necessary for every business to survive and as your business grows and evolves it can sometimes mean making important decisions about your company’s branding. 

Is it time for a Refresh? Or do I need a Rebrand?

A refresh retains the core identity of your brand. It’s sprucing up what you already have, coating it in a fresh lick of paint. It involves updating your visuals and messaging – specifically it may be tweaking your logo, updating brand colours, refreshing marketing materials and introducing new graphical elements. Rebranding is a more radical approach – essentially we’re tearing everything down and building it up again from scratch – you could be changing your name, logo, brand position, and/or mission. It’s a complete overhaul of your brand. We talk more about that here.

There is no particular schedule of when to refresh your brand. Saying that, your brand’s visual identity should move in line with your business. Businesses move forward with their goals and vision. Why would an identity you had 10 years ago reflect your business now? 

Consider the following reasons why it might be time for a refresh. 

Will you put your name to your brand? Do you believe in your brand?

You should be proudly standing behind your brand. Otherwise how can you expect your clients to do so too? Business cards should be handed out confidently. You should be directing people to your website, knowing it’s going to be a good experience for them. If you’re feeling reluctant to distribute collateral, direct people to your online channels or push your brand, then it’s a good indicator you’re not truly behind your brand. 

Being proud of your brand is important because it means you’ll be confident chasing bigger deals, projects and clients, which in turn will grow your brand even more. So if you feel a bit sheepish handing out your old business cards, or prefer NOT to wear your branded uniform, consider a brand refresh. 

Can you spot the difference? 

For people to choose you, they need to see you. And that means standing out from the crowd. Yes, it’s common for businesses within the same sector to have similar elements, but you need to be different, and it needs to be obvious, otherwise you are losing customers because they can’t tell you apart. 

Refreshing your brand is an opportunity to define who you are and in doing so reestablishing the place you sit in the market, clearly visible for all to see.

Is your branding smooth and seamless?

Your branding needs to be cohesive – everything from the tone of voice, imagery, messaging and logos needs to work together and consistently. Evaluate your current collateral – it should feel like it’s all streaming from the same funnel. If it feels disjointed, unclear or wishy-washy then it could be time to give it a refresh. Customers feel secure and confident when the branding is clear, consistent and organised, like things are taken care of. “Free for all”  branding does not assure the customer you’ve got things together! It’s important that you have complete control and access to all your collateral and not working “with what you have”. Having comprehensive brand guidelines with a complete toolbox to work from means you’re always equipped and never limited.

What direction are you headed?

Is your brand an accurate reflection of who you are and what you offer, today? As your business evolves, your branding needs to evolve with it. You might find that your original branding no longer fits your current business model in which case its time to realign. 

Does your digital match up?

As well as a beautiful, functional website, your social media needs to be on point too. Depending on your target market, this can sometimes be the first impression someone receives of your brand. Does it align with everything else you do?

Social media is another facet which needs professional and cohesive branding, constantly! While there are many different social “styles” to adopt and the choice to make it your own, it pays to ensure everything is on-brand. We’re all familiar with the neglected accounts, the sporadic-posters, the disjointed voices – all signals that things aren’t done professionally. 

Stagnant social media that lacks direction can be levelled up with a brand refresh. 

Has your growth stagnated? 

If things have slowed down, your brand could be playing a part in this. Firstly take a step back and review your strategy. Define your vision and direction going forwards, then cross-corollate it with your brand – what role is it playing in getting you there? 

A brand refresh isn’t just about sprucing things up to look nicer. It’s tactical too. A critical assessment can really do wonders – stripping things back, discarding the irrelevant and refining the key assets can move leap-hop you forward. 

Some more benefits to a brand refresh…

  • You’ll leave new customers with a better first impression.
  • You’ll stand out out from the crowd.
  • You’ll reignite your team’s flame. 
  • You’ll receive attention and publicity when you implement it. 
  • You’ll find your social platforms elevate.
  • You’ll reconnect with existing customers, building trust and loyalty. 
  • You’ll be able to drive more sales. 

Ready to refresh your brand?

Refreshing your brand shows that you care about your business and its future. This process tend to be put on the back burner due to budget and time constraints, also they are not seen as top priority. However a stagnant brand which isn’t connecting with your clientele is a much more detrimental cost to your business. A brand refresh is a pro-active step in investing in your business and it’s future and can reap heaps of rewards for you, your team and your customers, existing and new. 

Get in touch to discuss your company’s brand refresh. 

Featured photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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